Things Turn Strange: Julia and Chrissy’s Senior Exhibition

25 Apr

Julia Gootzeit and Chrissy Boland had their Senior Studio exhibition opening this past Friday, April 23 in Fisher Gallery.  Julia Gootzeit’s small drawings and paintings and large, cocoon-like sculptures dealt with notions of home and place.  Her drawings, which were mostly black and white, used a variety of pens, ink and gouache washes.  They worked in conversation with her three large sculptures, as the drawings often portrayed similarly shaped pods and homes.

Julia’s sculptures were made out of found branches that were tied together and then strips of her own shredded clothing were tied tightly across the frame.

Chrissy’s work attempted to map subjective experiences onto abstract charts and graphs.  Most of her pieces were white silkscreens on vellum which were then stitched across with white thread.  Each piece attempted to chronicle a certain month or day of Chrissy’s life, and sometimes a specific area of her life, such as in “Sleep Series”.  Afraid of forgetting her own memories, Chrissy has become a dedicated diarist, and these pieces hold a much deeper significance for her than the minimal white-on-white that meets the eye.

All images courtesy Gary Cohen.  To see more images of this show and others, please see his Flickr page.


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