Gathering Story: Hannah’s Senior Exhibition

29 Apr

Hannah Linder-Finley’s solo show opened this Saturday, April 24 at the 167 S Pleasant Street house.  This house is part of the Building Prosperity Project- more information at the bottom of this post.  Throughout this academic year, Hannah has worked to collect stories from children in the Oberlin elementary schools and incorporate these stories into her larger body of work.  Hannah is interested in the memories that are imbedded in objects; thus, every material she uses in her pieces have a significance or prior history.  For example, one of the first pieces Hannah completed this year was a wooden chest.  The lid of this chest is a piece of wood that was carried by her parents throughout their travels.  Now this beautiful chest will carry Hannah’s belongings wherever she goes, adding onto the memories imbedded in the wood.

In addition to creating several beautiful wood pieces for her show, Hannah also illustrated a children’s story that she wrote using recycled jeans and fabric.  The story is about a young girl who finds a stone while on the beach, and begins to use the stone as something to hold onto while she recalls her memories.  Over the course of the year the girl loses the stone, and when she finds it again, she remembers all of the things that have happened to her in the past year.

This show took place off-campus in the 167 S Pleasant St house that is being rented as a part of the Building Prosperity project.  This project is a collaboration between Oberlin residents and college students to create an art and community space for the Oberlin Underground Railroad Society.  O.U.R.S. hopes to eventually buy this house; they will be holding an evening art auction May 28th to raise funding for the project.

All photos courtesy Gary Cohen.  To see more pictures of this show and others, visit his Flickr page.


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