Tonight: Screening of films from Oberlin archive

21 Apr

The weekly Cinema 062 series will be screening a collection of 16mm films retrieved from Oberlin College’s collection. The event is free and open to the public, taking place tonight at 8pm in the room 062 of the art building (basement of the Venturi addition). Snacks and drinks will be provided. Listed below are the films to be shown.

BACK TO OBERLIN (1957, 14 min)
A former student’s thoughts at returning after 30 years on commencement weekend, 1957.

BOUNDARY LINES (1947, 11 min)
By means of animated lines, figures, and scenes, this film illustrates through everyday happenings how a “line may be many things” and “a line is only an idea.” The makes a plea for tolerance and breaking down all types of barriers between people.

MANKINDA (1957, 9 min)
A time painting by Stan Vanderbeek, seen at various stages of its evolution, is combined with a poem and calligraphy.

GLASS (1958, 11 min)
Shown against a musical background, the skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands demonstrate their artistry in blowing and molding glass. Filmed at the Royal Glassworks and Leerdam, the film compares mass production to the techniques of skilled craftsmen through excellent film editing.

Especially appropriate for college age and older. Eleven vignettes begin with simple interpersonal situations – someone cutting into line, dealing with a demanding employer and an unpleasant garage mechanic, being asked to canvass for charity – and concludes with a series of more complex situations involving a passive husband, a flirtatious man, an unreasonably angry friend, and a highly opinionated male.

Approximate Running Time: 65 minutes

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