Eliza and Grace’s Senior Studio Exhibition

17 Apr

Eliza Koch and Grace Hollander had their Senior Studio opening this Friday, April 16th in Fisher Gallery.  These two studio arts majors showed individual works as well as one piece they collaborated on.  Grace’s large color photographs were mostly portraits of singular people in large, wild landscapes.  Taken over the course of the entire academic year, these photos portrayed the changing Ohio natural world as well as the beauty of her subjects.

Eliza Koch showed work in a variety of different media, including silkscreen, drawing and digital collage.  Using collaged text, Eliza’s silkscreen prints referenced waves, the moon and cycles.

Eliza also showed some ink drawings with references to her other work in the show; moons, collages and the evanescence of time.

Grace and Eliza’s collaborative piece.  Eliza made the forms, and Grace took the photographs.

All photos courtesy of Gary Cohen.  To see more works from this show and others, visit his Flickr page.


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