The Plum Academy at SPACES Gallery

14 Sep

Oberlin Professor Julia Christensen is co-curating an experimental show at SPACES Gallery in Cleveland.  The show takes the form of The Plum Academy:  An Institute for Situated Practices.    The Academy is up from September 11 through October 23 and includes three departments; the Department of Psycho-Cartography, the Department of Cultural Husbandry and the Department of Chance.    Below is the write-up about the show, but you can find out more at the SPACES website.

Throw away the canvas. Let the brushes dry out. Grab a #2 pencil (but you may not need it). This fall, SPACES will be host to The Plum Academy: An Institute for Situated Practices, an experimental school. Rather than house a traditional exhibition of objects, SPACES is choosing to organize a school-as-exhibition. Concepts and ideas will take the forefront, rather than materials, styles and conventional aesthetics. Specially selected facilitators from the regional community and beyond will lead forums that approach topics obliquely, find unique entry points to ideas and challenge the established structures of education. (To assist in taking a different look at education, we use the terms “forum” and “facilitator” rather than “class” and “teacher”, respectively.)

Forum subjects will be unexpected. The student-teacher relationship will be questioned and the school itself will function as a large, collaborative performance.

This is not an “art school” per se. We are not offering art classes. We do offer a variety of forums that tackle contemporary thought on a number of topics and disciplines—that challenge traditional educational systems, are out-of-the-ordinary, outrageous, educational and entertaining. Forums will be solo presentations, workshops, open discussions, field trips, etc.

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