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Senior Studio Catalog pre-orders

For the second time in as many years, senior art history majors have taken the time to collaborate with senior studio (the class of senior visual or studio art majors seeking honors) to produce a catalog of works. Each senior studio artist is included, and a color plate featuring a selection of work from every show is recorded along with a write-up by an art history major. If you’d like to pre-order one now, please contact (SSEC standing for senior studio exhibition catalog) now. In order to re-coup costs and get a head start on next year, they are asking for a minimum donation of $5 for each book. Of course, everyone who helped with this project will be receiving a complimentary copy, so if you’re one of the artitsts- don’t worry!

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Anna-Claire Stinebring leads Tuesday Tea

Peruzzi's "Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine"

This Tuesday, May 12 at 2:30 PM will be the final Tuesday Tea until the fall. It is especially exciting as it will be the second year in a row that a graduating senior delivers the final tea of the academic year. Anna-Claire will speak on “The Manifestation of the Interior: Baldessare Peruzzi’s Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine,” pictured here. She was selected by the museum curatorial staff after the AMAM put out a call for papers by any graduating senior. So, please join the museum staff tomorrow at 2:30 to hear Anna-Claire present, followed by some light refreshments.

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Allen’s wealth of online resources

The Allen Memorial Art Museum has a new page on its website meant to supplement the collection through a variety of ways. This online resources page features a variety of information to use; the most interesting for the casual visitor would probably be the new downloadable audio on selected works from the Allen. Right now there are two files up, but more are being recorded and will be available soon. There are also links to the AMAM’s facebook page and Flickr account that are worth a look. Finally, there is a list of links, both internal and external, to serve as teaching resources for educators who would like to use the AMAM’s collection.

All in all, this is an exciting rollout. Hopefully the page will grow with more content over time, so be sure to check it out now and visit it again later.

Link: Allen Memorial Art Museum Online Resources

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Two years of AICUO excellence

courtesy of

courtesy of

Last year we blogged about Georgia Wall (OC ’08) winning the top prize from the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (AICUO). This year AICUO recognized senior Amy Rinaldi as the grand prize winner, and also recognized senior Antonio Papania-Davis, Oberlin’s other nominee for the award, as a finalist. Congratulations to both of them for this achievement!

The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, A.I.C.U.O., created an Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts to raise awareness of their member institutions and the artists they educate. Each of the member Colleges and Universities (there are over forty) are invited to nominate two graduating seniors as candidates for this competition. Six of the nominees are chosen by an independent jury of artists as finalists for the award.

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Make the Solar System in Tappan

solar-systemThe Astronomy club and Physics department are looking for student artists who would like to help build a scale model of the Solar system. These to-scale models will be set up on Tappan Square during Commencement Week. If you’re interested in helping build representations of the planets, Sun, and moon (no word yet on Pluto), contact Henry McCaslin. The Astronomy Club will partially reimburse materials costs, and your name as designer/artist will accompany this display.

Models are due by May 18, so start thinking today! (Maybe incorporate it into your Big Parade float?)

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BBYO.PPT this Wednesday

Earlier this semester, we blogged a call for entries regarding Pioneer Species’ bbyo.ppt event. This Wednesday at 9 PM, you can come to see who has answered that call. Bring-your-own-powerpoint events began last year in Pittsburgh, and follow straightforward, simple rules. Each presentation will be six minutes, 20 slides at 20 seconds apiece. Topics cannot be about one’s day job, and at Oberlin will touch upon topics such as Scrabble, chaos theory & music, UFOs, and Beyonc√©, among other things

We are also very lucky to have Jonathan Brodsky, the so-called founder of bbyo.ppt, who will be presenting a powerpoint of his very own. He will be joined by past and present Obies Cody Darling, Sam Draisin, Kemi Gbadebo, David Greenberg, Brady Higa, Connor Lee, Helen Lee, Matt Presto, Max Rivlin-Nadler, Jim Rowell, Arden Surdam with Kalan Sherrard, Happah Tepper, and Nicholas Weiss.

This event is free and open to the public 16.5 South Main St on Wednesday April 22 at 9 PM. Seating is limited, so bring a cushion.
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Tuesday Tea with Melissa Duffes

Tomrrow, Tuesday April 14, the Allen will be hosting the monthly Tuesday Tea. The presenter this time will be the AMAM’s very own Melissa Duffes, the publications coordinator for the museum. This promises to be an interesting talk, as she will be commenting on the relationship of fine arts museums to the decorative arts. This talk will highlight objects that are not always on display at the AMAM, a real treat.

As always, there will be refreshments served afterwards. Hope to see you at 2:30 in the sculpture court!

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It’s the season for parades

2007 Parade shot by Harris Lapiroff

2007 Parade shot by Harris Lapiroff

Nevermind the weather, the big parade is almost upon us, and float building has begun!

Every Saturday from now until, float building is going in on a new location. Since the College is undergoing necessary repairs on the site of the former ice rink, float building is now at 247 W. Lorain St, the garage behind Student Health Services.  Float building runs from 1 PM until 4 PM every Saturday afternoon, and many supplies are provided- just bring your ideas. Free BBQ and childcare is also available for float builders at the site during these times.

The Big Parade organizers stress that float building can happen anywhere, not just at their workshops. Stay safe, and make sure to get your float (and you!) to Eastwood Elementary by 10 AM on Big Parade Day, May 2nd. FAVA Gallery will also be hosting free workshops on Tuesdays from 7 PM until 9 PM as well as Saturdays from 3:30 PM until6 PM. For more information, please visit or email the parade organizers at biggest.parade [at] gmail [dot] com

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Review the art history department Monday

The art department is up for its centennial program review, and the art history side of things is welcoming two visitors to campus to help with the evaluation this week. The two outside evaluators, Nicola Courtwright and Martha Ward, want to hear what you think about art history at Oberlin. They are meeting with students this Monday, April 6 from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in the art seminar room. If you have any sort of feelings about the department, ranging from “It’s perfect; don’t change anything” to “I hate it; change everything!” please come and make yourself heard.

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Call for .ppt submissions

Primitive Species has put out a call for submissions for Oberlin’s very first BYO.PPT night. Yes, Bring Your Own Powerpoint. They say it better than we can:

This is an opportunity to present your esoteric research, Youtube archeology, Lunch break doodles, and magical physics demonstrations. It is also an opportunity to recapture a much abused performance style.

The presentation format is as follows:
RULE A) 20 slides, 20 seconds for a slide (this is flexible).
RULE B) you cannot present on the content of your day job, or main area of study (this is also flexible).

Please respond with the following information:
Your name, a one sentence Bio, and one sentence on the topic of your presentation.

There will be a projector provided, as well as a computer running keynote, a new’ish version of powerpoint, and the ability to display a series of jpgs off of your CD, USB key drive, or the internet.

Submissions are due to Primitive Species by April 6th, so it’s time to dust off those presentation skills. The event itself will be held at 9 PM on Wednesday, April 22, at 16 1/2 S. Main St.

For more information and to submit your .ppt, please email pioneerspecies [at]

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