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The news is now official: the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has named Pipo Nguyen-Duy, Associate Professor of Art and Photography at Oberlin College, a 2011 fellow in creative arts.

The Guggenheim Foundation has recognized Pipo Nguyen-Duy for his body of work titled East of Eden: Vietnam, a series of staged, large-scale color photographs that explore hope and renewal 30 years after the Vietnam War.  Please read more through Oberlin‘s official article and visit Pipo’s homepage to view work from East of Eden: Vietnam.  (Also definitely check out the Pi(ng) Po(ng) project, which is my personal favorite of his works.)

Congratulations, Pipo!  Oberlin is proud of you.

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Attraction is a Basic Instinct

Senior Show this weekend–Claire Lachow & Isabel Yellin!

When: Friday, April 29th, 2011
Where: Fisher Gallery, Oberlin, OH

Senior Studio Art majors Claire Lachow and Isabel Yellin present their Senior Show, Attraction is a Basic Instinct. Claire hails from Westchester, NY and studied art abroad in Italy last spring. Last summer she interned at MoMA’s P.S. 1 in New York City and hopes to pursue art once she graduates in the spring. Isabel is a senior studio art major with a focus on painting and sculpture. She comes from New York City and studied art abroad in Amsterdam. Last summer she assisted an artist in Uruguay and aspires to teach art while she also practices it professionally. See below for a description of the show, straight from the artists themselves.

“The imagery in my work is drawn from the ancient Greek ritual of arkteia; a rite of passage in which pubescent girls wore bear masks, in order to acknowledge their inherent ‘wildness’ before they could be tamed by marriage. The ritual condoned a short-lived lapse in the ‘good’ behavior expected of women. My work seeks to reconfigure this temporary inversion of the normative female role into a permanent and essential quality of humanity.

Drawing is a tactile and intellectual process for me. I am particularly interested in using techniques that balance both deliberate mark-making and chance operations. I work with media that I can manipulate in a sensuous manner- working directly on my images with my fingers and hands. I utilize water as agent of chaos in my work, allowing natural physical forces like diffusion and gravity to
take their course within the drawing.”

–Claire Lachow

“I arrived at this series of paintings through an array of experiments of different materials. These pieces are all different ways of combining glue and ink on plexiglass. By putting these two materials together I was able to create abstracted worlds on top of a transparent surface that call on our instinctual ability to associate unrecognizable things with what we already know. Working with these liquid materials helped me quickly gain an understanding of my insatiable curiosity for material manipulation.

I see the endless possibilities of the transformation and melding of things as a continuous challenge that pushes me to open new doors with my work. Beginning with acrylic paint as a young teenager ten years ago, I have since them breached anything from oil paint, to fabric, to latex, to thread, to pen + pencil, to watercolor, to metal, to wood, and to cray pas and so on and so forth. Through these materials I then invent my own processes which lead me either to successful results or to a new material to play around with. The finished result is only the product of my own desire to share the emotional qualities that I perceive through just a color on a textured surface.”

–Isabel Yellin

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