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the most wonderful time of the year

Yes, it’s that time of year again–time to get down with our library’s founding father, Clarence Ward!  Here at the Art Library we’re celebrating Clarence’s memory in two ways: by hosting a weeklong party throughout the library, complete with unabashedly over-the-top decorations and lots of party favors, and by hosting our first-ever student staff art show, “Hidden Gifts.”

Back in his day, our patron was a big supporter of his students and their art endeavors.  Although Clarence Ward made an indelible difference on the Oberlin campus as the founder of the Art Library, as the chair of the Art History department, and as director of the Allen Memorial Art Museum, not to mention as an architect and pastor of the East Oberlin Community Church, he is perhaps best known for his work as an instructor.  A highly interactive teacher whose passions were Medieval and American architecture, Clarence taught a great number of art history students during his time as a teacher at Oberlin.  In particular he is remembered for having brought students into his home to work with his own professional modeling kits so that they might better understand the architecture of the buildings about which they were learning. 

It is in this spirit that we present the work of our very own student staff.  Each of our staff members hails from a different department at Oberlin, from Russian to Environmental Studies to Composition over at the Conservatory, and we’re proud to present the beautiful and varied work that they have been able to create over the course of their days at Oberlin.  On display you’ll find everything from hand-made artist books to embroidery to almost-invisible poetry, so we hope you’ll stop by the library and see the sort of secret talents our staff has been hiding from us all this time.  Students on display in “Hidden Gifts” include Stephanie Lo, Hannah Klein, Lauren Schwartzman, Tani Colbert-Sangree, Hazel Kozol, Frances Lee, Lauren Clark, Kristina Goldberg, Leah Brottman, Angie Garcia, and Katy Holihan.  The show will run from Monday, April 18th until Sunday, May 29th.

And remember to come over this week to partake in the excellence that is our birthday party for Clarence!  We’ve got streamers, balloons, transparent plastic unicorns, bears on bungee cords, temporary tattoos of cute leopards, and lots of bizarrely wonderful postcards, all for you to enjoy in honor of our dear Clarence.  Don’t forget to greet him at the door: he will be so happy to see you.

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