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Brett Kashmere, Visiting Assistant Professor in Cinema Studies, is coordinating a screening for early spring.

Details are below.



A Screening Curated and Introduced by Craig Baldwin

Wednesday, February 16th @ 8pm

Moffett Auditorium (Mudd 050)

Oberlin College

Americans are certainly witnessing a radical surge in types and
varieties of protest and street demonstration. Whole new modes of
dissent have emerged–more visual, more gestural, more interactive,
and much more humor-based than the tame and unimaginative
democratic-centralist manifestations of the Eighties. These tactical
interventions, or call them political pranks, are perhaps the result
of a generation’s increasingly intense need to break out of the
Coast-to-Coast corporate numbing of the popular will, as well as the
very healthy growth of the anarchist and direct-action wings of the
American Left.

This new breed of activism has been the subject of many recent
articles, books, conferences, and even college class offerings, as
well as, of course, ambitious interdisciplinary exhibition initiatives
from within the fine-art world. The explosion of creativity and
dialogue affords a unique opportunity to appreciate this contemporary
guerrilla theater against the histories of both agit-prop AND
performance art (among many other cultural studies), and so it is that
Craig Baldwin’s video program rolls into town.

Mr. Baldwin, director of Tribulation 99, Sonic Outlaws, Spectres of
the Spectrum, and Mock Up On Mu–four earlier critiques of corporate
hegemony–will be on hand to introduce the screening and answer any

Expect work by such artists and activists as Animal Charm, Billboard
Liberation Front, Bryan Boyce, Critical Mass, Paper Tiger TV,
WhirlMart, Whispered Media, The Yes Men, and more.

An Exhibition Practices Initiative in Cinema Studies, with support
from the Blanchard Fund.  Free and open to the public.


Craig Baldwin is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and curator whose
interests lie in archival retrieval and recombinatory forms of cinema,
performance, and installation. He is the recipient of several grants,
including those from the Rockefeller Foundation, Alpert Award,
Creative Capital, Phelan, AFI, FAF, and California Arts Council. Over
the last two decades, his productions have been shown and awarded at
numerous international festivals, museums, and institutes of
contemporary art, often in conjunction with panels, juries, and
workshops on collage and cultural activism. His own weekly screening
project, Other Cinema, has continued to premiere experimental, essay,
and documentary works for over a quarter century, recently expanding
into DVD publishing. After a 6-month world tour with his monumental
2-hour ‘collage narrative’ Mock Up On Mu, he has returned to studio
work, and research on his next short feature Invisible Insurrection.

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Kansas City Public Library

You can find out more at their website, and check out their Flickr.

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Rian Brown-Orso’s New Film Project

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