15 Oct

Debra Yepa-Pappan and Student Art Show Opening

the ELC (76 South Professor), 7pm

This will be an opportunity for Oberlin students to display art that speaks to mixed identities and transnational communities.

Debra Yepa-Pappan is a Chicago-based visual artist. Her work reflects her Jemez Indian and Korean heritage as well U.S. popular cultural symbols and “traditional” symbols of native culture. Much of her work deals with her own multiraciality growing up Native and Asian-American, but also the “mixedness” of symbols and images themselves. Yepa-Pappan is very active in the Chicago urban indigenous community. Her work has appeared in galleries across the city of Chicago.

This event is part of Latino/a Heritage Month, the Indigenous Women’s Speakers Series and A Symposium on Multiracial Identities in the US presented by the MRC


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