Artists in Residence: Brian Springer and Chris Hill

21 Sep

This year’s Margin Release class, taught by Julia Christensen, is fortunate to have two artists-in-residence for the semester, Brian Springer and Chris Hill. The class’ semester-long project this year is entitled “Archives Alive: An Interdisciplinary Portrait of Ohio,” in which students will undertake projects using archival materials from city, corporate, church, non-profit, radio, television, and other databases in the area to cull together a multimedia work from their research. This will culminate in a media arts show at the end of the semester exhibiting a portrait of the state of Ohio that stretches beyond artistic mediums and academic disciplines. Springer is perhaps best known for Spin, a documentary he made in 1995 in which he recorded back channel news feeds not intended for public viewing in an effort to dissect the methods by which television is used to create and destroy notions of reality in the American public’s consciousness. Chris Hill currently teaches media production and theory at Antioch College and served as a consultant to Video Data Bank in their production of Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the  US along with aiding them in archiving seventeen hours of historic video tape.

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