Yoko Ono comes to Oberlin

06 May
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Today, Thursday May 6th, Yoko Ono will give a talk at Oberlin College’s Finney Chapel.   A celebrated artist working in the fields of conceptual art, installation, film, architecture, performance art and music, her ground-breaking work should prove inspirational for all who attend.

In preparation for her arrival, members of Kazim Ali’s FYSP 168 class, including Sophia Yapalater, Arielle Orenstein, and Ayako Harada set up a Wish Tree in Wilder Bowl.  The Oberlin Wish Tree is a part of a larger body of work that Ono has been gathering since 1981.  Everyone in the College and town of Oberlin is invited to participate; the project will not be complete without the help!  Below is the score for the project:

Wish Tree for Oberlin
Make a wish.
Write it down on a piece of paper.
Tie it to the branch of the wish tree.
Ask your friends to do the same.
Keep wishing
Until all the branches are covered with wishes.

The wishes will be collected on Friday May 7th and sent to Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland she plans to  store them in time-capsule boxes, bury them, and have a tree planted just above.  Ono hopes that in time this whole area will look like a forest.

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One response to “Yoko Ono comes to Oberlin

  1. Arts Entertainment

    May 6, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    woowww. i like the idea. bury all the wish papers in a time-capsule sounds like my childhood dream 🙂
    hope your projects will get succeed..

    looking forward for your next fun-postings


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