Kalan’s Senior Studio Show

04 May

In lieu of a traditional gallery exhibition, Senior Studio student Kalan Sherrard created a series of large, mobile sculptures composed of found and collected objects. Interested in the varied, infinite meaning behind words, the intersections of media and theoretical concepts, Kalan’s work rotated around various spaces of campus during the week of April 26th.

Each of Kalan’s moveable structures were made up of very different materials.  The variety and range of toys, electrical and plumbing supplies, technology (typewriters, cellphones), clothing, animal bones and preserved appendages, puppets made with fabric and bike parts, and melted crayons and fibrous matter all worked together to create a body of work that was decisively individual to Kalan.

Several of his objects dealt with themes of cages and pets.  The objects pictured above formed a small tableau, and another work used cell phones inside a gerbil cage.  He also found a large dog kennel and affixed it to a bier; the kennel was filled with a compliant friend on one afternoon.All photos courtesy Gary Cohen.  To see more pictures of this show and others, please visit his Flickr page.


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