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Author of The Painter’s Handbook to give demonstration

Mark Gottsegen, an expert on oil paints, traditional painting materials and the chemistry behind modern paints, works as Administrator of the Artists Materials Information and Education Network, is Material Research Director at the Intermuseum Conservation Association and author of The Painter’s Handbook.  He will be in Oberlin on Thursday, May 6th at 4:30.  He will give a lecture and demonstration in Classroom I.  His demonstration will include how to grind oil paint starting with raw pigment, a valuable process to understand when squeezing your paint out of a tube.

This lecture was organized by Heather Galloway, painting conservator at the Intermuseum Conservation Association in Cleveland.

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Kalan’s Senior Studio Show

In lieu of a traditional gallery exhibition, Senior Studio student Kalan Sherrard created a series of large, mobile sculptures composed of found and collected objects. Interested in the varied, infinite meaning behind words, the intersections of media and theoretical concepts, Kalan’s work rotated around various spaces of campus during the week of April 26th.

Each of Kalan’s moveable structures were made up of very different materials.  The variety and range of toys, electrical and plumbing supplies, technology (typewriters, cellphones), clothing, animal bones and preserved appendages, puppets made with fabric and bike parts, and melted crayons and fibrous matter all worked together to create a body of work that was decisively individual to Kalan.

Several of his objects dealt with themes of cages and pets.  The objects pictured above formed a small tableau, and another work used cell phones inside a gerbil cage.  He also found a large dog kennel and affixed it to a bier; the kennel was filled with a compliant friend on one afternoon.All photos courtesy Gary Cohen.  To see more pictures of this show and others, please visit his Flickr page.


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Honey & Wounds: Arden and Yujean’s Exhibition

Aden Surdam, a senior studio photography student, and Yujean Park, an advanced photography student, had their art opening this Friday, April 30th in Fisher Gallery.   Upon walking into the gallery it was immediately obvious that something was different; the whole gallery seemed warmer and brighter and more inviting.    Arden and Yujean had painted the floor a warm cream color, which had a striking effect on the space.  Both women are longtime students of Pipo Nguyen-Duy and their committment to the medium shows.

Arden works with a large format camera to take large, beautifully detailed portraits of people who are important to her.  She hopes to portray their personalities and authenticities through photographing them in spaces that are familiar to each person, such as a beekeeper with his bees.  Some of her subjects are students at Oberlin College and others are people she has met in the town of Oberlin or during her travels.    She also did a small series of works photographing the personal spaces of the men who did not feel comfortable being photographed.  This study of men’s desks, living rooms and bedrooms conveyed a lot of information about each person without him even needing to be there.

Yujean Park’s work deals with ideas of home and lived-in spaces.  She has a very established aesthetic that emphasizes warmth, softness and recurring imagery of lace and brocade upholstery.

Yujean also did a series of portraits that are staged in a blank, white studio space.  This is a departure from her images of home, but her use of lace and feminine symbols remain.

All photos courtesy Gary Cohen.  To see more works from this show and others, please see his flickr page.


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