Perfection is a Trifle Dull: Theora and Lucy’s Senior Exhibition

10 Apr

Senior Studio artists Theora Kvitka and Lucy Engleman had their art opening April 9th, 2010.   Lucy Engleman’s work included assemblage sculpture, collage and video and sound pieces.  Her work was sparked by the realization of how many stories are not passed down from generation to generation, and how the colorful and fantastical nature of these stories are trapped away.  Each piece was an example of opening, breaking and revealing so that each of the abstract stories could be heard.

Shot of moving video: “Unpeel/Reveal”

Theora Kvitka’s pieces included sculpture and paintings.  Her work explores the emotions experienced while in crowded public spaces, and the feeling of amazement at the uniqueness of individuals in large populations.   Clay faces, inspired by Daumier caricature busts, covered one wall in a range of exaggerated expressions.

Her other two sculptures were composed of thousands of tiny drawings and paintings and invited the viewer to enter the population Kvitka created.

All photos courtesy Gary Cohen.  To see more photos of this show and others, visit his Flickr page.


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