If you listen closely: Allie and Amina’s Senior Exhibition

14 Mar

Allie Takahashi and Amina Hassen had the opening of their Senior Studio show on March 12th, 2010 at 8pm.  Allie, who works with many non-traditional materials including clear tape, and paper hole-punch reinforcers as well as charcoal and graphite, showed a body of minimalist and conceptual works she has been fastidiously making the entire 2009-2010 school year.   Interested in the meditative experience of her artmaking process, Allie’s work is characterized by gently undulating lights and darks and a patient hand behind her time-consuming methods.

For the above piece Allie used thousands of tiny nails, applied at slanted angles to create a beautiful, textured abstract landscape.

Amina has spent the year photographically documenting the interiors of abandoned and foreclosed houses in and around Lorain County, Ohio.  Her large C-prints capture beautiful light falling across ripping wallpaper and empty indoor swimming pools- creating a tension between the beauty of her images and the sad stories behind the places she photographs.

All photos courtesy Gary Cohen.  See more images on his Flickr page.


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