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Eccentric Visions: the Worlds of Luo Ping (1733-1799)

“Eccentric Visions” just opened at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and was team-curated by Oberlin Visiting Professor of East Asian Art Michele Matteini along with Kim Karlsson and Alfreda Murck.  The show focuses on two Qing Dynasty painters, Luo Ping and his mentor Jin Nong.  Luo Ping is an important and remarkable painter of this time period  because of his original portraits, ‘ghost’ paintings made for his mentor as well as his paintings of the fantastical beings he claimed to see everyday.  Although Luo and Jin’s work are very different from each other, Luo was respected for his skill as a copyist as well as for his own unique work.   Many of the works included in the show are on loan from the Palace Museum in Beijing and the Shanghai Art Museum and have never been shown in the US before.  The show was given an extremely positive review by the New York Times; you can read the article here.

The show will be open until January 10th.  You can look at the Met’s site directly here.

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