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Paper in Motion

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The Morgan Conservatory and Art of Papermaking is having an opening reception for their new show “Paper in Motion”.  The show, which opens October 10th, includes the work of Oberlin Director of Cinema Studies Rian Brown-Orso as well as Nancy Baker Cahill of Los Angeles and Nina Sarnelle of Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The three artists collectively explore notions of “destruction and creation” and “violence and healing”.  The artists work in varied mediums, including collage, video, painting and installation.   Rian Brown-Orso’s new work, Circular Motion which draws inspiration from Eduard Muybridge’s studies of the human body as well as prehistoric cave paintings.  Her work uses spinning discs, paintings, back-lit illuminated collages and video projection to translate the language of cinema and motion.     The reception is Friday, October 16th from 6-9pm at Morgan Conservatory 1754 E. 47th Street, Cleveland.  The show runs from Oct. 10th to  Nov. 28th.

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