Art History Honors Presentations Tomorrow

07 May

Tomorrow, Friday May 8th at 4pm in Classroom 1, this year’s four art history honors candidates will give brief (15 minute) presentations on their paper topics. Please come support them! Topics are as follows:

Matthew Gin: “Transformative Spaces and Edifying Spectacles: Enlightened Discourses and the Reconceptualization of Theater Architecture in Eighteenth Century France”

Martha Joseph: “Beyond Conceptual Art: Boredom and the Problem of Medium in John Baldessari’s Early Video Art”

Lindsey DuPertuis: “‘Parenti, Amici, Vincini’ A Study of Apollonio di Giovanni’s Battle between the Persians and Athenians”

Alexandra Sterman: “Modern Chinese Art at a Moment of Crisis: The 1989 China/Avant-garde Exhibition”

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