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Make the Solar System in Tappan

solar-systemThe Astronomy club and Physics department are looking for student artists who would like to help build a scale model of the Solar system. These to-scale models will be set up on Tappan Square during Commencement Week. If you’re interested in helping build representations of the planets, Sun, and moon (no word yet on Pluto), contact Henry McCaslin. The Astronomy Club will partially reimburse materials costs, and your name as designer/artist will accompany this display.

Models are due by May 18, so start thinking today! (Maybe incorporate it into your Big Parade float?)

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BBYO.PPT this Wednesday

Earlier this semester, we blogged a call for entries regarding Pioneer Species’ bbyo.ppt event. This Wednesday at 9 PM, you can come to see who has answered that call. Bring-your-own-powerpoint events began last year in Pittsburgh, and follow straightforward, simple rules. Each presentation will be six minutes, 20 slides at 20 seconds apiece. Topics cannot be about one’s day job, and at Oberlin will touch upon topics such as Scrabble, chaos theory & music, UFOs, and BeyoncĂ©, among other things

We are also very lucky to have Jonathan Brodsky, the so-called founder of bbyo.ppt, who will be presenting a powerpoint of his very own. He will be joined by past and present Obies Cody Darling, Sam Draisin, Kemi Gbadebo, David Greenberg, Brady Higa, Connor Lee, Helen Lee, Matt Presto, Max Rivlin-Nadler, Jim Rowell, Arden Surdam with Kalan Sherrard, Happah Tepper, and Nicholas Weiss.

This event is free and open to the public 16.5 South Main St on Wednesday April 22 at 9 PM. Seating is limited, so bring a cushion.
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