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Call for .ppt submissions

Primitive Species has put out a call for submissions for Oberlin’s very first BYO.PPT night. Yes, Bring Your Own Powerpoint. They say it better than we can:

This is an opportunity to present your esoteric research, Youtube archeology, Lunch break doodles, and magical physics demonstrations. It is also an opportunity to recapture a much abused performance style.

The presentation format is as follows:
RULE A) 20 slides, 20 seconds for a slide (this is flexible).
RULE B) you cannot present on the content of your day job, or main area of study (this is also flexible).

Please respond with the following information:
Your name, a one sentence Bio, and one sentence on the topic of your presentation.

There will be a projector provided, as well as a computer running keynote, a new’ish version of powerpoint, and the ability to display a series of jpgs off of your CD, USB key drive, or the internet.

Submissions are due to Primitive Species by April 6th, so it’s time to dust off those presentation skills. The event itself will be held at 9 PM on Wednesday, April 22, at 16 1/2 S. Main St.

For more information and to submit your .ppt, please email pioneerspecies [at]

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