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Translation and Conversion in Istanbul

Art Professors Sarah Schuster and Nanette Yannuzzi-Macias are in the midst of an exciting project in Istanbul and online. The project/show, “Translation and Conversion: A Meditation on the Everyday in Three Parts” is up at Play Studio in Istanbul as well as online. The show, which was conceived not only by Schuster and Yannuzzi-Macias but also by İz Öztat, Suat Öğüt and Ian Warren, considers the space of “home” as a structure that permeates and controls our lives. This participatory piece invites anyone to submit an everyday event through video or text. These electronic submissions are then transformed into print onto a scroll at the gallery, and will then be re-transformed into electronic and disseminated to participant/viewers. This one part of the three part project runs from March 6 until March 20, and the artists also credit to senior art majors Amy Giovanna Rinaldi, Sarah Krugman and Hilary Zarabi Aazam.

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