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Talk on Internet Art

The announcement below is courtesy of Erik Inglis:

One of this week’s two visiting speakers to the Philosophy Department is giving a talk on internet art. Professor Amie Thomasson of the Philosophy Department at the University of Miami, will be speaking this Thursday, February 26th, at 4:30 p.m. in King 343. The talk will last from 50-60 minutes, and will be followed by 30-45 minutes of discussion. Everyone is welcome.
Martin Thomson-Jones

Internet Art and the Natures of Art Kinds

Amie Thomasson
University of Miami

When does a work of art comes into existence, and under what conditions does it remain in existence? When is it damaged, or destroyed? What does and does not ‘count’ as part of a work of art? Answering these questions may seem a straightforward enough matter for works of traditional art forms, such as painting and sculpture, but difficulties become much more evident when we consider new forms of art, such as internet art. In this paper I use internet art as a case study. Looking at the novel art forms there, I will argue, gives us reason to think that human intentions and practices always play a crucial role in determining the boundaries and survival conditions of works of art.

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