Things are looking different here

22 Feb

If you’ve been an observant visitor to the Art Library this semester, you’ll have noticed some major changes. Possibly the most exciting is our new carpet! It may not have been Venturi and Scott Brown’s original plan to have dark red and blue carpeting in the Art Library, but it certainly works well with the doors and gives the Art Library some design and color that seems to evoke Mudd.

Most importantly, there have been some major changes in the organizational scheme of the Art Library. Barb Prior, the art Librarian, has pared down the Reference section to make sure that only the best books get to be front and center (surrounding the computer area). This has created some space for the brand new “Modern Architects Collection.” At the request of Prof. Harwood, we have pulled the books that deal with Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Venturi, and Gilbert, and put them in this handy new section. So, next time you’re doing research and see that the location of the book you need is “Art Modernist Architects Coll,” please be aware that this means the book is on the shelves in the computer area, closest to the clock. These books are library use only, except in special cases.

Still in the works is a relocation of the Art Image Collection, and we’ll keep you posted as it happens.

Questions or comments on our moves and new looks? Let us know!

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