Art History Research Workshop: Winter Term

13 Nov

Opportunities for Winter Term projects in the arts abound! Art History Professor Erik Inglis has just announced that he will be offering a prose seminar in the humanities. His explanation is below.

Research Workshop in Art History (and the Humanities)

Have you ever handed in a paper and known that it could have been much better if you’d had more time to work on it? Then this Winter Term is for you.

This Winter Term Workshop offers the opportunity to improve your skills at research, interpretation, and writing in the Humanities, particularly art history. You will bring a paper (10-15 pages) that you have already written for a class. At the start of the month, we will all read each other’s papers to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We will address both content and form: what you’ve written, and how you’ve written it. Over the month to come, through regular meetings and a lot of independent work, we will work on strategies to improve your ability to pose art historical questions, to research a topic in depth and detail, to interpret your findings, and to communicate them in writing and speaking.

Additionally, the Workshop will give us a venue to talk in detail about pursuing other opportunities in art history, from internships, to fellowships, to graduate school. We will meet with Carol Sedgwick, to learn about fellowships that will allow you to pursue your interests; learn about internships and fellowships in art history, and how to apply for them; and learn about graduate school, including how to identify good programs and how to prepare a good application.
At the end of the workshop, you will have:
1) researched and written about a specific art historical topic in great depth;
2) improved your overall skills in research, writing and revision, thus preparing yourself for extended research (such as honors) in the future;
2) practiced how to deliver a convincing oral presentation of your scholarship;
3) produced a polished piece of academic prose that you can use as a writing sample in applying for graduate study;
4) explored the possibilities of future work in the humanities, including graduate study.

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