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New art history classes announced for spring

Three new art history classes for Spring 2009 have been added to the roster of classes.

The first is ARTS348, Arts of the Italian Renaissance. It will be taught by Prof. Christina Neilson.

Course description: “This class will explore a range of alternative approaches to Italian Renaissance art and examine works by some of the most famous artists of the Western tradition, including Giotto, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Titian. Topics to be explored include: the significance of naturalism; the revival of antiquity; the rise of the cultivated patron; miraculous images and civic life; art and politics; portraiture and gender.”

ARTS417, The Museum as Institution and Object, is to be taught by Prof. Jim Van Dyke.

Course description: “A seminar exploring the art museum as an historical phenomenon, social institution, and architectural type emerging in the late eighteenth-century and ever since functioning to produce definitive narratives and authoritative knowledge about artistic value and aesthetic experience. The seminar will also examine the work of artists who since the 1970s have employed various strategies and media in their work to reflect upon the premises, limitations, and effects of the art museum as an ideological apparatus.”

Prof. Bonnie Cheng is no longer planning on offering her seminar “Death and Dying in East Asian Art;” rather she will be leading ARTS455, New Ghosts Old Dreams: The Art of Post-Imperial China.

Course Description: “During the 20th century, China struggled frequently with internal and external forces in its attempt to reconcile its political authority and its position in the post-imperial world. This seminar considers the various phases in which China refashioned its artistic identity in light of compelling social forces. Underlying themes include the lingering burden of traditional China and the dilemma of Westernization. Both official trends and unofficial counter-currents will be explored as responses to the confrontation of the West.”

You can go to the online course catalog to see details about prerequisites and enrollment limits.

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esc presents Millie Chen

the esc 2008-2009 series is being facilitated by Art Prof. Arzu Ozkal Telhan, and is a place where “artists and researches working across video, new media, electronic art, installation, performance, etc… will talk about their work, and party with us.” This Thursday, it hosts artist Millie Chen. Chen’s work, which you can get a taste of at her website, has been shown internationally in places such as New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris.

Tomorrow night’s esc talk begins at 8 pm; for directions, please visit here. Hope to see you there- it looks like it will be an interesting night!


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