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Historic Wall Painting Winter Term Class

This information is courtesy of Rian Brown in the Cinema Studies Department:

Dear all,
I wanted to make you aware of an on-campus group Winter Term Project that I am co-sponsoring with Susan Kane and John Harwood from the Art History Dept.  If you could help in spreading the word to students and advisees. Its a really great opportunity to be an integral part of an international project with Handshouse Studios and a major touring exhibition. We will be present at the Winter Term Fair on Monday Oct 27 if students would like to drop by and ask questions.

Handshouse Studio (
Lost Historic Wall Paintings: Oberlin College Winter Term 2009
January 5 – 16, 2009 – 9:00 – 5:00

Handshouse Studio is bringing the Gwozdziec Synagogue Lost Historic Painting project to Oberlin College as a winter term program, 2009. Students from all disciplines are welcome. In a 10-day workshop, we will produce a 1/2-scale replica of a portion of vaulted ceiling of the Gwozdziec Synagogue on scaled wooden panels using 18th century painting processes. A team of faculty and students from Mass College of Art and Design will work along side Oberlin students in this “learn by doing” workshop. This painting project is part of significant ongoing research of the wooden synagogues of Poland, ultimately leading to the making of a full-scale replica of the Gwozdziec synagogue roof and ceiling for the Museum for the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. The goal of the Gwozdziec painting project is to make a complete and accurate 1/2 replica of the entire painted ceiling of the Gwozdziec Synagogue, built in 1715, to better
understand and appreciate the architecture and art of this unique synagogue. The completed painting will be added to the exhibit Wooden Synagogue: Recovering History Through Art and Architecture, which will open in the Mudd Library in Spring 2009.

For more information please contact
Rian Brown, Susan Kane or John Harwood

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