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Video Screening: John Baldessari’s works

VIDEO SCREENING: John Baldessari’s early video works

Wednesday October 8 at 4:30 in Classroom 1

Works shown:
“I am Making Art”(1971)
“Baldessari Sings LeWitt” (1972)
“I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art” (1971)

Optional discussion to follow.

About the artist:

Throughout his career, John Baldessari has defied formalist categories by working in a variety of media—creating films, videotapes, prints, photographs, texts, drawings, and multiple combinations of these. In his use of media imagery, Baldessari is a pioneer “image appropriator,” and as such has had a profound impact on post-modern art production. Baldessari initially studied to be an art critic at the University of California, Berkeley during the mid 1950s, but growing dissatisfied with his studies, he turned to painting. Inspired by Dada and Surrealist literary and visual ideas, he began incorporating photographs, notes, texts, and fragments of conversation into his paintings. Baldessari remains fundamentally interested in de-mystifying artistic processes, and uses video to record his performances, which function as “deconstruction experiments.” –text courtesy of Video Data Bank

I Am Making Art - John Baldessari

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Obie Grad Shows in Chelsea Gallery

Oberlin Alumn Hope Esser is currently featured in a show in Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea. Check out this article on her in the NY Sun.

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