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New work by Julia Christensen wants your submissions

Wikireuse is a collaborative netart piece that New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc (aka Ether-Ore) has commissioned from Luce Professor of Emerging Arts Julia Christensen. The work, located at (here), is a series of geographically-coded nodes of documentation on Big Box Reuse across the country. To document these instances of reuse, though, the piece needs YOUR input!

Here is the official press description of the work:

For six years, Julia Christensen has been creating a body of work about how
communities are reusing abandoned “big box” buildings — the large,
free-standing, warehouse-like buildings made prominent by one-stop-shopping
corporations like Wal-Mart and Kmart. In 2004, she made a website about the
project at “Wikireuse” both updates this website and
invites users to participate in its development. Nodes on a map of the
United States catalog big box reuse at geo-coded locations; users can add to
the map by sending in information and/or documentation about a reused big
box building near them. Articles about big box reuse are also cataloged on
the website, so the user can read local accounts in local newspapers from
across the country.

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Accepting Submissions Now

The Edmonia Lewis Center is accepting applications for gallery space!
Are you looking for a space to display your art? Does you art challenge or engage with existing systems of oppression?
The Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Transgender People is currently accepting applications to use the ELC as a gallery space. We are specifically looking for art that fits within our guiding principles.
Our first show will be a group show opening the weekend of October 10-12, and the art will remain up for 2 weeks. These dates were chosen because the ELC will be hosting a reception for bell hooks, cultural critic, teacher, scholar and writer, on the afternoon of the 16th. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your work and be a part of her exciting visit to campus.
Please email the ELC board (elc [AT] for an application. The deadline for this show is Monday, September 29th at noon.
This will be the first of many shows in the space, both group and individual, so please keep us in mind! In the future, applications will be reviewed as they come in. Feel free to email us (elc [AT] if you have any additional questions.
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