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Julia Christensen’s Rust Belt/Bayou

Julia Christensen’s new piece involving sound and video launched last week on April 15th on Turbulence. Called Rust Belt/Bayou it is a sonic exploration of Cleveland, Ohio and New Orleans, Louisiana. According to

During these travels, she has often been struck by the similarities between Cleveland, a city of the Rust Belt, and New Orleans, a city of the bayou. Both cities dwell on the shores of bodies of water with global reach: Cleveland on Lake Erie, New Orleans on the Mississippi River. Both cities have seen the boom and bust of industry and population throughout their histories – past and present. Cleveland and New Orleans look remarkably different, but Christensen has often noticed that they have sounds in common: industry, birds, water, tourists. Rust Belt / Bayou offers an interactive document of aural snapshots from recent trips to both New Orleans and Cleveland.

Julia Christensen's Rust Belt/Bayou

Rust Belt/Bayou was commissioned in 2007 by New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for Networked Music Review. Experience it here.

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