Aggregate Working Conference This Weekend

08 Apr

The Aggregate Working Conference, funded by the Clarence Ward Lecture Fund and organized by John Harwood, will take place on campus April 11 and 12.

AGGREGATE is a group of ten architectural scholars from various
universities and colleges that seeks to understand architecture—its
history, theory, and practice—in its full complexity. Our unique
working method is defined by the collection of individual contributions,
which then serve as the basis for collaboratively written essays linking
those individual contributions across temporal, geographical and
disciplinary boundaries. Our current project, a book entitled Governing
by Design: Architecture and Crisis from Modernization to Sustainability,
brings together ten innovative essays on how the architecture of the
19th and 20th centuries engages with issues of managing political,
technical, economic and ecological change.
This working conference will bring all ten members of Aggregate to
Oberlin College for a two-day dialogue with Oberlin faculty and
students. Aggregate members will present individual papers,
collaborative texts, and engage in dialogue with Oberlin faculty members
from disciplines outside of architecture.

The schedule is as follows:
Friday, April 11, KING 106:
4.30-5.00pm: Introductory: Daniel Abramson, Arindam Dutta, John Harwood, and Timothy Hyde
5.00-7.00pm: Group “Obsolescence”
Daniel Abramson, Tufts University, “The Paradigm of Urban Obsolescence”
Lucia Allais, MIT, “Mankind Saves Mankind: The Value of Cultural Action”
John Harwood, Oberlin College, “The Space of the Wound: Ergonomics and the Aesthetics of Survival”
Pawan Dhingra, Associate Professor of Sociology
Katherine Thomson-Jones, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Saturday, April 12, CRAIG LECTURE HALL:
9.00am-12.00pm: Group “Regulation”:
Arindam Dutta, Massachussets Institute of Technology, “Marginality and MetaEngineering: Economies of the Surface”
Timothy Hyde, Harvard University, “A Constitutional Modernism”
Michael Osman, MIT, “Preserved Assets: Becoming Imperishable”
Meredith TenHoor, Princeton University, “Architecture and Biopolitics at Les Halles”
Jordan Suter, Assistant Professor of Economics & Environmental Studies
Julia Christensen, Luce Visiting Assistant Professor in the Emerging Arts (Art and TIMARA).

12.00-1.30pm: LUNCH

1.30-4.00pm: Group “Development”:
Pamela Karimi, MIT, “Secular Domesticities, Religious Modernities: The United States and the Making of the Modern Iranian Home”
Jonathan Massey, Syracuse University, “Subprime”
Ijlal Muzaffar, MIT, “The Void at the Center: Self-Help Architecture, Core Housing, and Third World Development”
Frances Hasso, Associate Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies and Sociology
Sebastiaan Faber, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

4.00-5.00pm: Reception for Aggregate, Respondents and Students.

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