Can’t find that book for class? It might be in reserve… How course reserve works at the Art Library

16 Mar


At the Art Library, books that are set aside by professors for certain classes may be on “Closed” or “Open” reserve. Open reserve is open for your browsing pleasure next to the circulation desk, and is organized by professor and class. Many of the texts on Open Reserve make up the “recommended reading” lists of courses, and are not specific reading assignments. The Closed Reserve section is behind the circ desk and you need to request for someone who works at the desk to get the book for you (if no one’s there, ring the bell!). Books on Closed Reserve are often for specific reading assignments (ex: a class textbook may be put on Closed Reserve).

Regardless of if a book is on Closed or Open Reserve, you may only check out 2 at a time, for 3 hours at a time. If you check it out past 9 pm, it will be due by 10 am the next day.

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